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After not being here for loke what? A lifetime, I guess? I decided to return.
And to do what? I'm not even sure myself. but I'll try something.
Like banners or just pencil drawings or lame attempts of digital art.

And that's pretty much it.

Welcome back, Min!
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---------------->:bulletblack: :iconteaheeplz:Minneh´s Hungry Journal :iconsmilecakeplz::bulletblack:<------------------

Hi, everybody! Minneh here.

A little while since the last journal, right? Yeah I know.
The fact is, that I´m OFICCIALY on vacation. Two flamboyant months to bring heavens to my hands :iconimsoseriousplz:

This means, clearly, that I will be working and submitting things here and there for the sake of my sanity. :iconohjoyplz:

Well, talking about the semester itself. It wasn´t a pain in the butt, it was more like "Oh my god, I´m so LAZY. It´s not worth of me. Meh :iconidontthinksobetchplz:" So it was quite boring.

Sadly, this was the end of another things that my life was not really expecting , like... well.  Heart Issues :iconfinallyplz:

Anyway, I´m more happy about the fact that I will be puking work from here to the end of my vacations. I must be ...wacky or retarded to think this way, but Meh... who cares. :iconsmokeplz:


So beware.

A LOT. :iconwooooplz:



I was tagged by Leneeh :iconleneeh: :D So here it is!

1→You must post these rules.
2→Each tagged person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3→You have to choose and tag 10 people and post their icons on the same journal.
4→Go to their pages and tell them you tagged them.
5→No tag backs.
6→No crap in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you read this". You ligitemently have to tag ten people.

:bulletblack: 1.- I have: 6 cats, one dog and two brothers. :iconrelievedplz:
:bulletblack: 2.- I love to be under the rain!!!!!!!!!! :iconblushingplz:
:bulletblack: 3.- Every Thursday on School Time I went and bought Ice Cream. It´s was a ritual already :3
:bulletblack: 4.- It pains me to say, that I have to pass every game I own for the Wii... TWICE. My late Wii had all, both my favorite games of the Virtual Console and the ones of the WiiStore and my games data. As my brothers buy one for each of them, I have to pass them TWICE. :iconomgnoesplz: Twice... Just for the fun. :iconguaahplz:
:bulletblack: 5.- Today, is the first time I ever played Ace Attorney. FAILURE ´cuz I´m a fucking fan and I know every case like my own hands. :icondotdotdotzplz:
:bulletblack: 6.- A couple days ago, a friend of mine lend me her full original discography of Gorillaz. It was quite the shock of my life :iconpetrifiedplz: And I swear loyalty to her everytime I see her.
:bulletblack: 7.- I wish I had a PlayStation (One), just to revive my memories of playing Crash Bash, Crash Banditcoot and  Crash RCT. :iconblushplz:
:bulletblack: 8.- Right now, I ..."own" an Ipod. All my friends own an Iphone. >: I hate Iphones. Or is a phone or an Ipod. Chose already!!! :iconsaiyanplz:
:bulletblack: 9.- As you can see, I totally love to use emoticons. :iconawwehplz:
:bulletblack: 10.- I haven´t slept WELL in ages. Like 3 months ago. I´d rather die to keep up like this. :iconimseriousplz:

Well now, according to rules I have to be a meanie for ten persons. ;-; My friends, I was.... pushed to do this!!!!

:iconsam-ely-ember: :iconastum-legacy: :iconhaoiki: :iconfayry12: and... and (?) ... well T-T It seems I don´t have anymore to tag.


Well, then. C-U Latah!!!! :iconbaibaiplz:
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Hi everybody, Minneh here.

Well last night, meanwhile I was making an account, I discovered that some bastard kind of hacked my e-mail.

Kind of , but the explanaition is so ...weird so...*sigh*

Since this moment I WON´T USE THAT EMAIL. I will not use it anymore. If you recieve something from it IGNORE IT.

Also, be aware of my other social accounts, like Twitter , etc.

:bulletblack: To my friends:

I will send you my newest e-mail by note.

Anyway, take care.

Ciao ^^
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Hi, spamming people. Minneh here.

I´ve been awfully tired and full of homeworks as far as the eye can see.

Meh, but that´s not the reason of my "dissapearing act" from DA. In fact, I was ...thinking of many things.

:bulletblack:The first, I do not draw frequently. Yep, such a thruth. I can sketch, but only a few are inked and then awfully colored. So, if someone reads this... and in need of having a subscription..., Do you want Minneh to upload her ominous sketches?

:bulletblack:The second, as I know that I do not draw a lot, I was thinking: Minneh, If you don´t draw, maybe you could upload your banner work?
Well, of course. I mean, I am active in that department, but ...I don´t know. I just don´t see my banner work as art ):
But, If you want to see it... I will :D

I wish you could gimme an answer. I really apreaciate it.

:bulletpink:In other things, I have a PKM Black. It´s just really fun!!! :D!!! I almost beat the last gym leader. And, as soon as my little Litwick becomes a Chandelure, I will ship like crazy my pairing ThimxLexille !!! <3 <3 <3 <3! What´s that D: ?
Oh, just a pokepairing. My most beloved child, Thim a little cute Drifloon and a kickass and mistycal Chandelure  of Unova.
It´s so CUTE <3 <3 <3

Yeah, I nou. A lot of you don´t even understand what the heck I´m talking about. Meh, you will see in no time <3!

:bulletpink:Changing the subject again, I´m launching a proyect in spanish called Phantom Revisted! ´
It´s about "somethings" of Danny Phantom. I´m in love again.
This month is like my FF B-Day, 3 years -yeah, I screwed the post of FB >__> - so I´m throwing my house through the window. The proyect it´s a secret, but not a trap LOL
So, my Danny Phantom Spanish followers, stay tuned for action :D!!!!! It would be awesome!!! And you won´t be sad, I assure you that!
I´m uplooding  it on my house, El foro del Señor Hartman, and NOW on DA.
The secret date is March 20, seeyu there :D!!!

:bulletpink:Now THIS IS IT!!!!
From now on on, the journal will be in Spanish. Why, because it´s an original story promotion so ...well I guess you understand.
En Español para los que en español me leen :D

Utilizo éste canal para comunicar que LO HE CONSEGUIDO.
Despúes de cuatro años de inventar historias originales, ha terminado un ciclo. El pasado 4 de Marzo yo, Minneh Pavlov, cerré el bloque de historias conocido como Quale Vivi (Calidad de Vivo) que parten de una historia común Tale or Fate para desarrollar cada una de sus tramas.

Quale Vivi es el bloque de historias referente a lo humano, dentro de todo el desbarajuste de historias que tengo. Se enfocan en como ven los humanos la muerte y la vida que lleva hacía ella, desde diferentes perspectivas cada una.

Ahora, el bloque cierra así:

1.-Tale or Fate

2.-Raccoto: Siete Días en el Paraíso

3.-Oxímoron: Contradicción del Término

4.-Au-delá de la vie (Más allá de la vida):

5.-Damnatio Memoriae

6.-The Wish of The Swan

7.-Crownless Queen

8.- Blood by the Snow



Debo disculparme por haber dejado en hiatus a Racconto, pero hasta que no supiera el parámentro no podía segur escribiendo. Reanúdare publicaciones pronto, :D Espero verlos ahí.

Además de que el 20 de Marzo se estrenará Damnatio Memoriae la cual hace tiempo fue llamada Raindrop,Teardrop. Los detalles de su publicación serán a través de mi blog Dark Little Whispers The Blog Corp , pero su publicación formal a través

Espero que nos brinden su patrocinación <3

Con lo antes dicho, me retiro :D
See yu :3
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Oh, howdy :3

The 2011 is finally comming, what a strange thing XDDD
2010 was a very boring year for me. Nothing extraordinarie happened .-. and I´m still being the same old Minneh from the last year.

Oh well.
It doesn´t really matter. I mean, I can feel the overwhelming power of happiness of the 2011 coming after me 8D so I´m in good mood.

Now I´m making lots of things, and much of these can not been seen until a few time in the future ^^U I hope that my next year is better than this.

I have a new Wacom Bamboo Tablet Pen. Drawings assured.

So Happy New year, ok?

Wish you the very best things.

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Hi, everyone :3
Minneh is so happy 8D Today is her account´s B-Day!!!!! YAY!!! :iconyay: Nude party!

It doesn´t matter that I don´t submit lots of art. -I do have art, but I cannot ...afford to submit it here .-. -


The thing is that I can barely remember the day I created my account. XD The only thing I can remember is that was an impulse. Yep, was a "silly creating account" , well, maybe not THAT silly, but...UGH ...I was so young >__<U  *headache*

I started to uploading Danny Phantom pics. Oh, the days of my youth >w<. As anyone can notice, it was a crappy art XD -as much as is it today...--But Minneh learns quickly so she seriously make efforts to improve.

I need to admit that I improve, my art is not so disguting.
XD Silly fact, ALL the artist says that their art sucks. Everyone knows why to label it in that way, Little facts that they can only see :3

Today I´m gonna throw a speech. BARE IT.

Seriously :3

Na, na, na... Nyoro-ro~n *clears throat*

I´ve meet nice people here in DA, 8D !!!!!

:bulletred:To :iconsam-ely-ember: that...well XD We know each other so much time before I was on DA but she´s a really good artist. SO FANGIRL ;u;
GO NOW!!!! GO to her Gallery! XD Say  to her that Minneh-chan sends you to steel her cookies !!!
Thanks gal 8D!

:bulletred:To :iconfayry12: XD I don´t met her here but we do started our frindship in on deviantion.
XD She´s so CRACK.
GO NOW!!! Go to her Gallery! XD Say to her that Minneh-chan sends you to kidnap Humph xD!
:hug: Love ya, Girl.

:bulletred:To :iconhaoiki:
One of the first persons I met her along with :iconmaudrake:
8D She´s so kind and cool. So many art. XD So wunderfül OC´s!!!!
8D Pay her a visit, OK? She deservs it.

:bulletred: To :iconpeta-phantom:
How to explain this?
She´s the impressive person who make me a writter. The nerdy one that I am today.
<: Petah. Thanks so much for everything.

:bulletred: To :icondaniel-link:
100% DA friend. 8D Impressive Smooth Art. IMPRESSIVE!!!
XD And I´m her friend. Nothing else to say that THANKS 8D Lazy butt!

And so many people that make me stay here due different circumstances.

Thanks to ALL of you. <: Let the party begins!!!!

And ...wainting for 4th!!!!


Catch you later friends :3!

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Hi Muffins!
School has been terrible. I´m so tired right know :/ Even I can´t check DA as I used to, and that sucks man, THAT SUCK MAN >:U!!
Also I want to do so many things D:!

Makes me mad the fact that I´m so...D: full of homeworks, stupid teachers and asshole students. It´s not really good to my tempered and collected mood.

Demon Days.

As I been so raped in the school by my lazy classmates, I´m starting to ask myself if being a nerd is good this year :/
Maybe I could not bare with all the crappy stuff that  life (That stupid childish bitch >:U!)
continues to deliver in to my not-so-fancy ...daylife.

It´s a hard decission I  need to take. D: Wish how I need to react.
However, I don´t think that I will be a lazy butt XD

Catch you later, pals :3

P.D.: By the way, don´t miss the journal issue of tomorrow. 8D

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----->Minneh´s Journal<-------

:bulletblack: School:
Hi everybody :3
Since the last Monday my butt is linked again to the school. Is not so bad -...XD That´s because I´m such a nerd :3- but I have not the same liberty as before :/

Now we add that my parents use my pc to make some workstuff >: and you get a very annoyed Minuet.

SO ... This journal is to communicate not be online as often as before: / Only a sporadic updates on Facebook and Twitter perhaps about nonsense. XD

:bulletred: Other Things:
Oh, in other news...

- Tomorrow (Monday) the chapter Zero from "Racconto: Siete días en el paraíso" will be released. (FINALLY) Stay tuned for the begining of the adventure 8DDDD

- Yesterday, I was making a...cover XD? for R:Sdeep but :/ ... I noticed that I really need a tablet.
My finger was convulsing due my attempt of coloring in the laptop. STILL HURTS >:U

- Secrets Can Kill (Remastered) was finally relesed.
This weekend I spent a couple hours looking to Arglefumph´s Walkthrough (Whose freaked out speech about his picture on a Nancy Drew game is so FUNNY) and...XD I liked a lot more the first game.

-XD Three words.
Ace Attorney Fanart.
(From me, obviously) 8DDDDDDD


-Friday was :iconsam-ely-ember: B-Day.
I´m busy making your giftart >c>U

8D Now: CHau :3
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  • Eating: PIZZA :D
------>:bulletblack:Minneh´s Info Journal:bulletblack:<------

Hi, all of you. Minneh here.
It´s time for some vacations news 8D!!!

Yep. Thanks to :iconsam-ely-ember: for a feature of my work… in her journal….
Love you gal 8D!

:bulletred::Chuggaaconroy is back
Yay 8D A couple days ago, his account was back again. Right now he´s uploading "Super Luigi Galaxy" so Minneh it´s happy in pants <3

:bulletred: Mother (Earthbound) weird fan.
Thanks to Emile , now I´m kind of a fan of Mother. The background story it´s so sad and impressive that I fell in love with it.

:bulletred: No Wii
One of my brothers screwed up my Wii. >: That morning my Cleaning Kit Pack for it arrived and now...!!!

Due the sad fact of not having Wii, my brothers bought a new SuperSmashBros. Melee -scamming me in the process,of course-. I´m...happy, I guess.

:bulletred: Minneh is awfully sick
Yes, I´m so sick right now D; . I had an internet overdose D:!!!!! Was ominous !!! My head aches so dreadfully >___> So I need to be less time on the pc. Sorry guys but I´M DIYING. (Hohoho, like if someone notices it)

It´s  all for now. Ciao ^^
-----------> Minneh Heartbroken Journal<---------------

Hi there DA community. I´m here to talk of a really sad thing. So, if you wanna  skip this journal as always, feel free to do it. I´m not in the mood of trying to buy your hearts with carisma. Not today.

I haven´t sleep.
Actually I was making my School Photo for :iconpokeacademy: first assignment, when I had the friki idea of make data of my step-by-step of the draw on twitter.
You know, silly but funny things like "My ass is aching" or something like that, because I haven´t used my account in ages.

I will not lie, I was really in such high spirits. As I said on my last journal, my enter to the group make my lazy creativity flow. I was going to make a lot of things. Memes. Fanarts. Gifts. ID. Icons.

But what was my surprise when I check my Twitter wall and the words " Save Chugga pop out?
My heart ached pa-in-fu-lly.

Who´s Chugga? You may ask.
Well, If you are a geek-friki person like me, maybe you already know that Emile better knowned like Chuggaaconroy is the Let´s Player ( the ones that make walkthroughs for videogames on YT)most known in Youtube.

And I Clarify this before you think about it. NO. I don´t see his LP to pass my games.
He´s just a wonderful person that makes the walkthroughs more enjoyables that you can ever find.

Well. No. Since 9 days ago, his channel was suspend. This was beacuse one troll, that you may know like CONJOPI is filling copyright DMCA to bring down Top Youtubers, like him and NCS (NintendoCapriSun).

He´s making -he and his turds- stupid reclaims such as "I´m the owner of Nintendo" with names of owners. There´s even one saying that he owns his voice.

Why I am really annoyed?
I really love his walkthrougs. They have more than other LPers "Let´s Plays". I´m really DOWN right now. The thought of never again see or listen Emile, makes me wanna crush things and cry.

My will of draw just banished in the air.

This is the link to the full news, made on Zelda Universe if you want to be sure if this is a stupid joke if mine :…

Now, bye.
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-------->Minneh Info. Journal<---------

Hi there :3  Minneh with a new spam journal for your inboxes.

Lately, I have been in such an awesome mood. Why?

Well it´s a long story that I will make you short.

A few days ago, this deviation came PA Ella ref from :iconkimy-kiss: in my inbox.

Despite the fact that I really luved her Gijinka of my favorite pokémon, I went to see this group, the one of the reference ----> :iconpokeacademy:
Anda I fell so in love with it :iconinloveplz:, that I requested to join <:

And now I´m in :iconcoloncapitaldplz: :iconexclamationpointplz:

So I´m in a freaking goooooood mood ´cuz I have an excuse to draw. 8DDDDD I haven´t draw-draw in ages. I feel 6 months younger -w-

And , since I´m in a lucky flowy-creative state XD, I changed my icon.

:icontcgminuet: :icondotdotdotplz:  Say hi to Edelberth, my icon buddy 8D!
I will change him ... everytime I have a new fandom XD

Oh 8D And take a look please of my "Edelbeth The Icon" Wallpaper by me of course XD
He´s ubercute.

8D Now, behold my nerd state. Behold my pokemon-gijinka-turdism -u-

Allez bye-bye :iconlarryjediplz:
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¨¨¨¨¨¨Minneh´s WTF Joouurnal¨¨¨¨¨¨¨

Hi Ragamuffins :3

This Journal is gonna be about of totally randomess, so if you don´t want to read it... DIE :icontonguewaggleplz:

XD I´m so a Drew-gal now. Damn D:
Really XD Now I can´t stop of admire the awesomess of that series.

I have been watching the walktroughs of Micheal Gray on Youtube for two powerful reasons:

1.- Micheal is really an osom walkthougher XDD (Cute, freaky, Nancy Drew fanboy)Make me laugh really hard every time I watch him. D: Just ... I suspect he is chuggaaconroy XD

2.- ´Cuz I was searching how to continue with the only game that I´d play. XD Now I have watch a lot of walkthrougs of other games just because he is a wonderful nerd and because I love SO MUCH mysteries. :iconblush--plz:

I bet you are wondering :iconiyellatyou: is Nancy Drew?

Well, it´s a book-pcgames series of a young girl detective. No, it´s not a Barbie-gay game, really. I hate that things. The pc games are really cool. And the misteries... well, XD those are really freaky.

Anyway D: That´s the MAYOR reason of me being not ... connected to the Internet reality, you know, dwelling on Msn or Facebook.

XD And it´s going to be that way until I finish all the misteries. They are 23 :iconwolfkinns:, just in case you were wondering.

These are both I´ve seen already and the ones who not:

1.- Secrets Can Kill
2.- Stay Tuned for Danger
3.- Message in a Haunted Mansion
4.-Treasure in the Royal Tower
5.-The Final Scene
6.-Secret of the Scarlet Hand
7.-Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake
8.-The Haunted Carousel
9.-Danger on Deception Island
10.-The Secret of Shadow Ranch
11.-Curse of Blackmoor Manor
12.-Secret of the Old Clock
13.-Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon
14.-Danger By Design
15.-The Creature of Kapu Cave
16.-White Wolf of Icicle Creek
17.-Legend of the Crystal Skull
18.-The Phantom of Venice
19.-The Haunting of Castle Malloy
20.-Ransom of the Seven Ships
21.-Warnings at Waverly Academy
22.-Trail of the Twister
23.-Shadow at the Water's Edge

Allez bye-bye :iconlarryjediplz:
  • Listening to: Cloe Walsh-NMH2 OST
  • Reading: .___.
  • Watching: XD Nancy Drew Walkthorughs
  • Playing: -----
  • Eating: ._. Nothing
  • Drinking: NADA &gt;:
Hi, everyone 8D Minneh is happy.

I won´t bore you with a big journal or something -thou I will make spam in you inboxes moahr often :3 -.

Minneh -moi - is in vacation timah.

And she has this new cool Mp3 with DJ earphones.

<3 Ciao.
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  • Watching: For good music at youtube.
  • Playing: ... Wario: Master of Disguise
  • Eating: ._. Nothing
  • Drinking: NADA &gt;:

Die Wochen der Angst

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 27, 2010, 12:31 AM





New Prince of Persia Stamp by KTWizard
Unreal Tournament by Mistress-Cara

Hola pastelillos :iconsmilecakeplz:, ¿como se la han pasado?

Seguramente se la han pasado mejor que moi. Eso seguro.

:iconawwehplz: Me encuentro en un proceso académico por demás conocido como "La semana del miedo" (Die Wochen der Angst); esa semana que es la más pesada del semestre/curso por ser la antecesora a las vacasiones.

:ohnoes: El Lunes de la próxima semana empieza y ya se ha calendarizado mi desgracia con lujo de establecer hasta hora exacta del desastre.

Para empezar, tengo una infinidad de tareas que hacer. XD Muchas de ellas relacionadas con mi holgazanería en clases por no tomar apuntes.
Otras se basan en mandarme a algún lugar aburrido y bastante horrible, vestida de traje :iconidontthinksobetchplz:
Y otras se enfocan en medir mi capacidad para crear presentaciones decentes para explicar procesos químicos. :iconkirbyishappyplz:

Además de que, por culpa de mi nerdez, voy a excentar Historia con 10 si acredito un examen especial de los que hace el gobierno para evaluar a los maestros. 80 preguntas de opción multiple donde más de la mitad nunca las ví en curso pero que tengo guía y debo estudiar.
Un verdadero pain in the ass.

Realmente no quiero estar conciente de todas las horrendas cosas que vaya a hacer de aquí al 9 de julio. Es mucho de que arrepentirme :ohnoes:

Transmutando el tema, he comenzado a redactar un nueva historia.
El nombre es "Racconto: Siete días en el Paraíso y es una historia de policías y ladrones al puro estilo de Kaito Kid <3
Ha tenido buena recepción ( XD de hecho ha tenido recepción, cosa que para empezar es buena) y me gusta como va el desmpeño.
El único problema, al igual que lo es con Das Verlobte der Orchidee , es que se supone MUCHO que a cada cápitulo debería tener una portada -Seee Manga ñoñez al cubo- pero no he tendio tiempo de terminarlos XDD.

D: A diferencia de muchos artistas, me toma tiempo hacerlas xD. Para empezar mi laptop se calienta mucho y no puedo usarla horas para crear algo medio decente en photoshop. D: Mis skills a mano no son tan malos, pero es por demás obvio que suckeo excesivamente  con los colores XD Así que estoy en un gran conflicto. :iconorzplz:
Así que Fail on me XD por que, como de costumbre, va a tardar un poco.

Para la hermosa gente que sigue la historia, les spoilearé el nombre del próximo cápitulo: "Simphony of Destruction".
Nombre netamente inspirado por una canción que me pegó mi hermano XD Al demonio con él.
Ahí les daré las bases de la psique de Flinghe, Le Diable Rouge y más o menos las mecánica a seguir  sobre lo de los misterios. Por lo tanto no desespereís , será una semana amena.

Otra cosa.
Recientemente XD -del transcurso de ayer a hoy- me dieron ganas de recordar mi infancia con mi Playstation.
Cuando era muy chica, mi padre se las ingenió para embaucarme un Playstation un Día de Reyes -cosa que no me enoja , pero pudo darme un 64 :iconfinallyplz: - y comenzó una temporada bastante divertida de mi vida.

Me acuerdo jugando épicamente Crash Bash con mis cuates en la escuela xD, jugando el Tetrix de Sakura Card Captors o simple y sencillamente, pateando traseros en el Klonoa Beach Volleyball.

Sobre este último es el porque de esta introducción XD

Damn. Me dieron unas ganas de ver los special attacks del juego siendo AÑOS que no los veía y todo por que uno de los personajes (Joka para los cuates) me gustaba mucho por ser un ... Joker-Arlequín xD
Ahhhh . Data de tiempos remotos en los que ya sabía yo que me gustaban los juegos mentales LOL

XD En fin, me pasé toda la tarde viendo Klonoa. Klonoa: Door to the Phantomile , Klonoa 2 : Lunatea´s Veil y el Klonoa para Wii.

Damn :ohnoes: primera vez en la vida que me encanija no haber seguido siendo nerd de PlayStation en vez de la nerda de Nintendo que soy hoy xD

Ojalá me fulmine un rayo por mi failezzzzzz :iconbloodshotstareplz:

Bueno, ya no los traumo más.
Si leen, comenten :3

Hora de estrenar como se vería mi journal si tuviese sub xD

Ciao :iconscaredplz:

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(Warning: Due her new sick fandom, Minneh will talk in to a Dr.Letz Shake accent. We apolize for the inconvenients.)

Hello, there.
Affirmative. It´s been a while since I´m not really here so I came to bother all you again. Exclamation Mark.

I´ve been kind of busy. I was fixing my blog, writing Original Stories, drawing covers and original art, school, homeworks and all that annoying things that make my life pain.

Orgasmic gasp. I have my laptop back. Such a happy thing.
Oh my god gasp. I get Easy Paint Tool SAI.
Holy my gasp. I´m in the process to buy an other tablet pen for my tablet.

By the way, special thanks to :iconsam-ely-ember: who teached me how the hell send llamas. Affirmative, I´m a noob. Said sadly.

BEHOLD. I´m a llamawhore giver.Said Dramatically.

Oh... And if you were asking yourselfs which is this annoying fandom that makes me talk this awesome way...

Well... If you are intelligent you will know soon.

Desire Level 100% percent.


Luck it´s an irrational concept, but your presence here, reading this journal, defys probability.

Good-bye everyone.
                      Truly yours.- Minneh
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Hi, everybody :3
I`m just passing to say a few things.

XD My !!!  My B-day was fun. It turned to more joyful than I expected.

Thanks to all my friends, and all the people who said Happy B-day to me in my facebook. I wuz really happy.
Anyway. It`s time for me to dissapear sometime from the virtual world. Why?
Well, It`s hard to explain but... I`m a little sick of it. (Just a little of course XD)
D: This are my last 2 weeks of school , so I`m so busy with a lot of stupid things , ya`know : "The Final Works" XP
Further, I`m gonna spend a little time for myself ( to improve my drawing skills and to make my lazy butt write somethings xD) `cuz I hate that the computer eats a lot of my time. Also because I`m really tired of waiting something for stop being bored, so... I`m not going to be here, or in msn, facebook, or another places, and I don`t know how much time does this break is gonna take. -But I will check ;D so don`t worry-

However, hope you wish me luck , support and understand me :3
n`share your company in my works in the future.

Ciao <3
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:3 Es un dìa de dicha! Hoy hay ... Journal ^^

Uff D: Han pasado ya tres meses desde que escribì mi ùltimo journal XD Pero no habìa mucho que redactar.

En fin :3 Mi scaner ya es compatible con la computadora 8D asì que paulatinamente irè subiendo mis trabajos ^^

Espero que pasen a ver ^^

Bueno, Ciao XD
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I`m very happy. This is my 2DAnniversay so I`m throwing a party 8D!

Cake, soda, cookies for all of you =D!

Even I don`t submit anything (cuz I`m waiting for the big change) I`m still very happy.

I can remember very well the day I join to DA. I can`t belive how much time has pass since then ._.

I feel old XD!

Anyway Happy Second DAnniversary to meh -w-

I hope many years here to meet more wonderful people such as mah friends here.

Without another thing to say...     C U - Your Friend, The Stalk Grrrl  (XD)
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Howdy :D
Long time since I writte a journal, huh?
Yes, I guess. ( :ohnoes: Tree months D: What`s wrong with me >u>U?)

So welcome to My journal XD!

First of all, I have to explain a couple things .u.

Lately dad`s pc it`s crazy.

It doesn`t allow to enter the sites that I use frequently, like DA, LJ, my email, FF, etc so I been on a weird "stalk mood" .
It has been annoying because  I can only see, but I can`t comment or fave D: , and the only way I can enter to my accounts it`s trough my Wii, but it doesn`t allow me fave, i can just comment >.<

Well, that was a few days ago , because yesterday I check DA and I made it XD  I was logged in .u.

It cost me like 2 hours to clean all my  DA! I mean , a lot of deviantations and journals, and werid polls and all that strange stuff that i missed of DA, were waiting there D: ...

Anyway, I`m gonna update my account... cuz annoys me XD

Now some FAQ:

FAQ: " Hey, Girl! Why didn`t you update?"


My dad`s computer is not compatible with mah scaner ._. And my Word program doesn`t work.

-Old computah >_>-

And believe me. I have a couple things that I want to update.

FAQ:"Then... why don`t you go to scan/write them on another place?"

A:Easy, again.

Cuz it`s a little expensive and I`m not rich XD  - and I`m not selfish ._., ok ? -

FAQ: " Well >_>; Then what happend with your laptop?"

A:  D: That`s a sad and long answer. ( -_- You can laugh if you want)

First I think that was the battery. It wasn`t >_>. Then I bought the charger cuz I think that It wasn`t working.
Was not the charger TT TT.
At least my mom figure it out that the problem it`s the power source of the computer.

And I was like :ohnoes: I spent like $350 dolars on things that were fine >_>

Right now I dunno what to do ._.

I mean, I don`t have the money to fix it.
But I don`t want to do it.

FAQ:  D< Why?  

The power source it`s a very delicate zone. The probability of a good reparation it`s so poor.

So... I`m sad.

FAQ:" T.T ... Do you know that you`re a dumb, right?"

Yes... I know ._.  You don`t have to tell me that, ok XD?



I feel so happy :D, that i`m not gonna say anything sad in this journal XDDDDDDDD.

Well , seeyu ^^


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Hola a todos ^^  Hoy me quede en mi casa por que declararon que habìa una epidemia de influenza y no fui a la escuela XD.

Hace mucho que no posteaba un journal >__>; me siento tonta.


:iconimhappyplz: Tengo computadora.

Asì q ya podrè estar màs seguido en DA -1 mes y medio sin la dosis de Internet que necesito me han hecho un daño inimaginalbe ._.-

Sin embargo... no es mi computadora.  Es de mi papa.

Una gran y estorbosa computadora de escritorio que no funcionaba desde hace algunos años y que por fin mi mama pudo reparar -.-U

Por lo mismo, es que se pone histerico y no nos deja agarrarla, asì q en este momento estoy aki con su permiso... siendo vigilada XP

Espero que sea por poco tiempo por que no me gusta que me asedien D:

Una buena noticia es que mi laptop no esta averiada XD!

AL parecer le fundi la pila al USARLA DE MANERA EXCESIVA  DX

Lo descubri cuando un tio me presto su pila y la chequè >3

Fui a la Plaza de la Tecnologìa para comprarla pero oh sopresa ...
es un modelo nuevo y las pilas del mismo tipo son escasas y no hay por el momento.

Es el colmo , buscando ahi 4 horas para que en todas partes me digan que no ... me enerva .

Y es asì como estoy esperando mi pila desde hace 3 semanas D:

No se si en realidad es una buena noticia, por que si no hay pilas quiere decir que la computadora no volverà a prender jamas.

Bueno... es mejor esto, que seguir escribiendo desde el Wii -.-U

Supongo que no deberìa quejarme tanto.


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